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Seeking Literate and Dedicated Partners!
Hello! I'm Cas and I'm looking for partners that are at least in their 20's as that's old I am. Mature themes will most likely be in my plots, and limits will be discussed. I write multiple paragraphs (200-400+ words) but I understand if the scenes don't have alot going on and therefore require less. Still, I try to match my partner's length. I'm a big fan of romance/in-depth emotion, and using face claims. Last but not least, I only do MxF. And now, onto the plots!

This is a grab bag of all sorts of genres/tropes/pairings I love so feel free to combine two or more:

age gaps, forbidden relationship, friend x best friend's older sibling, anything mafia related, enemies to lovers, cop x criminal, doctor x patient, rom-com inspired plots (the decoy bride, you’ve got mail, while you were sleeping), friends turned lovers, pining, post apocalyptic/dystopia, supernatural (werewolf mates, monster hunters), southern gothic, murder mystery, grumpy x sunshine, the broken man x the woman that becomes his light, fluffy aus, modern/dark fairy tales, fbi agents/cop partners, holiday plots, dark hearted men melting for the innocent woman, suggest
PLOTS: I'd prefer to play the left side/female parts. * = longer plot to be explained.

Secret Keeper *

Set in a dystopian soceity, a member of the govemrent runs into a man she hasn't seen in years, one who was previously imprisoned but escaped. While her loyalty to the govemrent is wavering, he could be the push she needs to join a rebellion.

Run For Your Life

A criminal, A, has been taken in to FBI custody after some very incriminating evidence regarding a recent murder has found its way to him. The evidence against A is so solid, he will go down for the crime. However, the agent, B, whose in charge of the case is willing to make a deal. A is working for a big and powerful criminal organization called The Cabal. The FBI has been trying to take them down for ages, and now is their chance because A has a high position inside the organization and can give them what they need if A decides to cooperate.

However, A's boss, the leader of The Cabal, has wanted him gone for a while, as he thinks they are threat to him. Now that A is in FBI custody he has a reason. The Cabal boss have people inside the FBI that will help take out A for him. To not blow that they are in fact corrupt, they need to take out the agent in charge of A’s case too. Somehow A and B managed to get away, but both of them are now targets. A cannot trust their own people, and B can't trust the FBI. Now they must try and stay alive, and somehow start to trust each other to make it to another day.

Stranger Things Have Happened Here [Older 11/Hopper inspired ship]

The basic plot is that Reagan here escaped from a government facility where she was tortured and experimented on for 9 years. During a heavy rainstorm and starving, Reagan attempts to cross the road but she gets hit by John’s car. Injured, in dirty clothing, and soaked to the bone, he offers her a place to stay out of guilt or empathy.

But when John attempts to leave to get help she finally reveals her power, to his shock. Meanwhile the facility has been alerted and people have been dispatched to capture Reagan and bring her "home". John’s older than her, tough, jaded, grumpy, and has seen alot of shit. He doesn't quite know what to do about this strange woman currently living in his house but he grows pretty protective of her over time.

Slowly but surely Reagan learns to trust again through him and they even fall in love, something she'd never thought possible a second time. Cue all the platonic bed sharing/cuddling when things get too emotionally difficult/Reagan has nightmares and ending up sitting way too close whenever they’re together. He’s her rock, keeping Reagan grounded to reality when she gets in too deep. He balances her, more the voice of reason to her recklessness. They have all this unsolved sexual tension that's through the roof that’s going to resolve itself sooner or later.

She wants to bring down the company that stole her life. He doesn't want to see her get hurt. Naturally they'll be some clashes over what the "right" thing is. John could be a police officer, a civilian. Anyone, really. But I’m leaning more toward officer. Reagan has the face of Tatiana Maslany and John has the face of Hugh Jackman or Anson Mount.

FANDOMS: The Walking Dead, The X Files, Haven, The Blacklist, Fringe, Silent Hill, Zoo, Stranger Things, Gilmore Girls, Marvel, Doctor Who, Star Wars. I've been really craving to write in the Mercy Thompson universe so if anyone wants to do that with me, I'll love you forever.

I use email only to write, contact me at stevienickels@outlook.com. Look forward to hearing from you!
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